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Lighted Distances:

Four Seasons on Goodlow Rim

Publication date April 15, 2023 from Broadstone Books Order now
“If the cosmos can be a landscape, John Daniel peoples the horizon with winsome enigmas. His book brims with detailed observation and abundant thought by glimpse and glance, by three-line fragments and concise meditations. Thickets of words in prose alternate with spare 'dryside' glints to form a mix that feels essential to the book’s cosmic view. Daniel gives readers abundant room for musing, wondering, and the thought required to recalibrate one’s bargain with this life in space and time. Read this and be part of incandescent starlight.”
—Kim Stafford, author of Singer Come from Afar
“John Daniel’s writing has always been a North Star. Reading Lighted Distances is refreshing and clarifying, a mighty breath. This precious world still shines, still revives us, and Daniel’s work always guides us back into deeper love for it in some new way."
—Naomi Shihab Nye, author of Voices in the Air and The Tiny Journalist